Objects of repeated correction

I am not someone who conceptualizes a game plan at the beginning of a painting. I prefer work that draws you in rather than something that’s recognizable. Work that challenges our certainty, makes us think harder. Work that makes us give into our subconscious, that doesn’t buy into the myth of limitations.

Starting with a color, shape, mark or maybe undecipherable writing, that can be rubbed, obliterated, slightly obscured, refreshed or covered over again. Ideas or reflections which later may take a different form, a final shape or destination. Exploring how each element relates to another. Building on remnants of previous decisions. Weaving and incorporating more information, continually trying to balance the history and create surfaces that are unsettled and mysterious. Which hopefully will enable a continuation of an unending journey and intellectual examination.
Rome is where I found my passion, the beauty, the decay, layers of life all mixed together in a complex urban environment. Hopefully that beauty is reflected in my paintings.

Third generation San Franciscan, living and working in the city. Studied at: California College of the Arts, San Francisco
Art Institute, and UC Berkeley Extension. Exhibited nationally and internationally.

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