2023 Desta Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

2019-2020 Slate Contemporary Art Gallery, Oakland, CA

2018-2019 Pry Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

Desta Gallery, Mill Valley, CA Visual Resonance February 17 to March 25th

2022 Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition
Curated by Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco CA

“Jurying shows is one of the best parts of my life as a dealer. You never know what marvelous distinct voices you will be honored to see. The best part of this experience was finding those artists who have their own unapologetic voice and are more than happy to share it.

Of most importance to me, is the unabashed voice that is not interested in producing just another pretty picture. I want to be moved, annoyed, confronted, engaged and taken on a tour of another’s thoughts and ideas of the world. I want to be forced to even question my own beliefs and prejudices.I want to be provoked into learning a new way of seeing, especially when it’s something I don’t know anything about or agree with. I most of all want to see an idea — a personal idea.

On another note, when I am looking at work I try to consider the process of how the artist got to this piece. What I am trying to say is that process is what happens over time, as the artist realizes that with every new piece they are building a body of work, and within that body of work and that building of it, there will be sign posts they will leave behind as touchstones which will inform the next piece and the next piece. All the while the work is becoming stronger.


2019 Slate Contemporary Solo Show, Clorox Building, Oakland CA

2019 ArtSpan Juried Art Auction, SOMARTS Gallery, San Francisco, CA (group)

2019 The Drawing Room - International Women’s Day Pop-up, San Francisco, CA (group)

2018 Terra Gallery, Oakland, CA - (group)

2015 MMG Foundation Inaugural Event, San Francisco, CA

2013 Cecere Amati Gallery, Cisternino, Italy (solo)

2012 Cecere Amati Gallery, Cisternino, Italy (group)

2009 - 2022 Hunters Point Shipyard, San Francisco, CA (annual event)

2009-2019 ArtSpan Open Studio Exhibition, SOMARTS Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2008 G Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2006 Nina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2005 G Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009 New Works, Kathleen Finney, Artist Catalogue

1982 - 1985 California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA
2008 - 2010 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2007 - 2008 UC Berkeley Extension, San Francisco CA
2001 - 2003 San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco, CA

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